Alexia Leysen is a Belgian photographer, journalist, director, environmentalist, yoga teacher. She works from her heart for this beautiful earth and the people on it. Always trying to spread beauty, compassion, connection and good ideas for a better environment. 

DE ZIN is a her beloved photographic column in the Belgian quality newspaper De Standaard. She travels from soul to soul to ask for people’s ‘comfort words’: words that give strenght when life is hard. Hannibal published a selection of her work in a beautiful book. 

KNAUS is a theatre co-creation with Valentijn Dhaenens, winner of the Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Festival who had an international breakthrough with his highly acclaimed solo-show BigMouth.

DAYS WITHOUT MEAT (Dagen Zonder Vlees) was a popular campaign she lead – inspiring people to eat less animal products to lower their ecological footprint. After 7 years Belgium had by far Europe’s biggest decrease in meat consumption. 

Graphic design and communication – Vivian Klein
Video – Vooruit