BRUT is a platform for the work of the Belgian director and photographer Alexia Leysen (°1988, Theatre Academy Maastricht), in collaboration with other creative minds.   

The latest project KNAUS is a co-creation with Valentijn Dhaenens, winner of the Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Festival - who had an international breakthrough with his highly acclaimed solo-shows BigMouth, Smallwar and Unsung. They are now working on the English version of KNAUS. 

Ants Never Sleep was created together with Greet Jacobs and Julie Delrue, and after a grand succes tour in Flandres this family theatre show has its French premiere (Les fourmils ne dorment jamais) in January 2020.

THE KNAUSGARD/HASSELBLAD SERIES is a photo series by Alexia made in association with photographer Ans Brys.

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BRUT believes in the power of cross-overs. Always rocking back and forth between theatre, photography, literature and the visual arts.
BRUT loves visually stimulating art that tells urgent stories of searching souls in today's world, of people charmingly struggling with all their conflicting desires. In the theatre work the scenography always plays an unmistakably essential role.

BRUT believes in emotion by brutal beauty.

Head of Finances – Natalie Tuijtelaars 
Financial advice – Veerle Vandamme
Graphic design and communication – Vivian Klein
Video – Vooruit
BRUT’s theatre work has been supported by d e t h e a t e r m a k e r, DE Studio, Vooruit, Festival Cement, Stad Antwerpen, Vlaamse Overheid, Literatuur Vlaanderen.