Accompanied by the old Hasselblad camera of her deceased grandfather, Alexia Leysen talked to more than 50 Knausgard readers. In search of what triggers them in his books... Because the Norwegian literary rock star is called a gloomy mascot of the contemporary soul.

During the research for the theatre piece KNAUS thus arose THE KNAUSGÅRD / HASSELBLAD SERIES: a penetrating analogue portrait series that gathers a diverse range of voices and faces around this material. From enthusiasts to critics. Men and women, from 20- to 90-year-olds. 
The KNAUS-project thus became a unique crossover between photography, theatre and literature.

Each of the portrayed chose 1 fragment in the Norwegian oeuvre that means something to them. You can discover the analogue pictures together with the chosen book quotes - live in the touring exposition, or you can: